Arsenal (1) vs Bayern Munich (5) – 1st leg Match Review

Arsenal (1) vs Bayern Munich (5) – 1st leg Match Review

Well, where do I start. Let’s get the obvious out of the way — we’re out of the Champions League, again. And not-so-surprisingly, it’s because of Bayern Munich! So, after a bombardment by the Germans, let’s look at some of the talking points of the match, shall we?

The Positives:

Let’s start off with the positives. You’ll be surprised, but there were some positives in this match. First and foremost, Alexis Sanchez. Even though he was limited in his actions (due to Bayern having the possession most of the time, 74.2% of the time to be exact), Alexis was once again, Arsenal’s best player on the pitch. His never-ending running and pressing of the Bayern Munich defenders did play its part, and he was responsible for scoring the only Arsenal goal, although it was after a saved penalty by Manuel Neuer. Nonetheless, cool and calm control by Alexis gave the visitors high hopes going into the second half. David Ospina put a somewhat decent performance between the sticks. Sure, he conceded five goals at the hands of the Bavarians, but most of them weren’t his fault. The 4th Bayern goal, for example, took a pretty massive deflection off of Granit Xhaka that sent Ospina the opposite way and the ball into the Arsenal net.

The Negatives: 

And boy, were there a lot of them. Let’s go from back to forward. Let’s start with the defence. For starters, we conceded five goals, which is always bad, but the worse thing is Laurent Koscielny’s injury. We don’t know how long he is out for (yet!), but even in the eyes of rival fans, Koscielny is considered to be one of the best centre-backs in the Premier League. Koscielny’s absence will be a huge blow to Arsenal not only in the second leg of this fixture, but also in the Premier League. In the midfield, we had a horrid performance from Francis Coquelin, who had a 67% pass success, to go with a number of aggressive and unnecessary fouls given away. Alex Iwobi also had a horrible night, with 0 tackles, 0 take-ons, and a mediocre 75% pass success. Mesut Ozil also had very “ghostly” night, having been barely felt throughout the entire 90 minutes. Even though the World Cup winner did manage to get 5 successful tackles throughout the match, he showed a lack of courage and desire to disposses the ball off of Arjen Robben, who in the 11th minute, scored a gorgeous left-footed curler due to a shared Coquelin and Ozil defensive mistake(s).


It seems that again, Arsenal’s Champions League hopes are completely diminished. Does this mean that Arsene Wegner’s contract will not be renewed at the end of the season? Perhaps. Some Arsenal fans have been pleading for Arsene Wenger to be replaced, and this 5-1 bashing at the hands of the German titans would only make those voices louder. For now, Wenger is still Arsenal manager, but will he stay at the club at the end of the season? Only time will tell.


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